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Our Commitment To You

The whole team at Galion are passionate about giving you the best possible service once you arrive in your new home.  We are members of  The Consumer Code for New Homes which has been established to ensure that best practice is followed by registered Developers in respect of expected standards for after sales customer care services.

What is a Builder's Defect in a new build?

A Builder's Defect is a fault in the workmanship and construction of a new build property, or a fault in the installation of items and equipment which form part of the construction. From the day you move in, you have Aftercare Support who will address any Builder's Defects that arise over the course of 24 months from the date of purchase. 

Please submit your enquiries to:


Telephone:  03300 539510

Aftercare Team Hours:    Monday—Friday 10am to 5pm

We understand that it may be tempting to report something verbally to a member of the site team, but we ask you to please refrain from doing this and to submit your enquiries via the aftercare email to ensure it is appropriately logged.

Hours of Work and Emergencies

Tradesmen Hours of Work


Trades require access from 8am to 5pm on the days they are booked to work on your new home to rectify any builder's defects.




In the event of an emergency during working hours (10am—5pm), please contact Aftercare (details to left). If the emergency is outside of these hours, please call the relevant contractor, details of which will be provided in your Home User Guide.

Personal Re-Decorations

You may, of course, decide to decorate within the property using different paints and/or colours.  This does mean, however, that we are unable to carry out any rectification of decorations, settlement or shrinkage that may occur.  Our contracted decorators can only attend to any corrections or rectifications required with the original specification paint colours intact.  Please also note that, over time, when ordering batches of paint, we may not be able to fully match the paint colours/finishes.  In this instance, we are unable to carry out whole room/house redecorations.

Accidental Damage

Accidents do happen of course but Galion are unable to cover damage caused to the property by home owners, other members of the public or privately hired contractors.  Please ensure you have appropriate home insurance in place to cover any accidental damage that may occur.

Bad Weather / Storms / Force Majeure

We are unable to cover damage to your property that is a direct result of bad weather, storms or a force majeure.  Please check your home insurance to see what is covered in this instance.

Garden Levels, Fencing, Turf  &  Landscape Planting

Your gardens have been laid to lawn with high quality turf. Border shrubs and hedgerow/trees may have also been included.  Please note that garden topography is at the hands of nature and Galion is unable to guarantee level gardens. It is important that these are cared for from the day you move in in order that they thrive and can be enjoyed over the years to come. Displacement and variations in surface levels, including scuffing and pitting, may arise due to natural topography, ground movement, undulation, and traffic. Hints and tips to help you look after your lawn and any trees/shrubs planted will be included in your Home User Guide. It is due to the intensive maintenance required that Galion is unable to cover your garden turf/plants/trees as part of the Galion 24 month warranty.

Timber Windows and Doors (internal and external)

These are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty only.  Timber windows and doors (especially those exposed to the elements) require regular inspection and maintenance/re-painting.  It is important to read the manufacturer’s warranty and care guidelines.  We would strongly advise that any scratches, scrapes and/or fine wood splits are immediately treated/repaired and repainted.  You will find the manufacturer’s advice and details contained within your Home User Guide.


Appliances are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty only and will need to be registered as soon as possible after you move in.  All information on how to do this will be included in your Home User Guide.

UPVC Windows and Doors

These are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty only. Contact details for the windows and door manufacturer are contained within your Home User Guide.

Creaking Floorboards or Staircases

Timber floors and staircases naturally shrink as they dry. As this drying occurs, it may result in squeaking components as they move against each other. This is normal and to be expected and not considered a defect unless excessively noisy.  Galion will work to Industry Guidelines in this regard so do check with the aftercare team to see if any squeaks are covered.

Scratches or Cracks to Glazing and/or Sanitaryware

Galion works to Industry Standards in this regard and so we ask that you please check all windows and any glazed doors within the first 48 hours of occupation as any defects outside this period will not be covered.


All drains are surveyed, tested and signed off by Building Control and Warranty Surveyors prior to occupation. It is important not to flush wet wipes, nappies or other items.

Freezing Pipes

Frost Covers are not provided for outside taps/pipework and so you might want to protect your property from burst pipes during freezing temperatures. Damage to properties as a result of frozen/burst pipes is not considered a builder's defect.

Driveways, Patios and Paths

These are not designed for heavy machinery or vehicles over 3 tons in weight.  Unfortunately, we  are unable to cover any accidental damage caused during private works.

Garage Doors 

These are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and problems arising with these should be addressed to the manufacture.  All contact details will be provided in your Home User Guide together with information on how to care for your garage doors.

Oak Products

You may have natural oak products on either the exterior or interior of the property, this is prone to discolouration which is natural in the life cycle of the timber.

Electrical Alterations

Please ensure that any additional electrical works are carried out by qualified electricians.   Galion is unable to cover any private alterations/additional electrical works carried out by customers following completion.

Cleaning Products

Some modern cleaning products and equipment can be highly abrasive and/or damaging to most surfaces.  Whilst it is important to regularly clean and maintain sanitaryware, door/window ironmongery, kitchen doors & worktops, tiles and other flooring etc., it is important that you check with the manufacturer before using any products to avoid accidental damage.

Items/Matters Not Covered by the Galion 24 warranty

We are very proud of the team and service offering we have in place to ensure you settle into your new home well and are confident that any matters arising are addressed quickly and efficiently.  There are, however, a few things that Galion are unable to look after for you and so, in order to be fully transparent, we have set these out in the following sections :


A minimum £90 call-out charge will be invoiced to homeowners should trades be called out for items that are deemed not to be a defect.  Should the homeowner wish the matter to be rectified then a £50 per hour labour fee plus materials will be added to the call-out.

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