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Land and Planning

As an award winning, BCorp Certified, SME regional bespoke developer, Galion is committed to ensuring that all its homes, along with the communities it creates, are sustainable and sit in harmony with the local environment. This attention to the vernacular, plus focusing on local requirements, helps them with the planning process on sites where others may be less successful. We are continually looking for opportunities to create new housing schemes that complement existing communities.

We are always keen to hear from land agents with exciting new opportunities coming to market or you may be a single landowner or a group of friends or neighbours looking to provide your community with a legacy project that future generations will be proud of.   If so, please get in touch and our highly experienced land and planning team can advise you on all development opportunities that may be available to you.

Strategic Partnerships

We are keen to work with others who understand our commitment to the communities we build within by creating traditional yet sustainable developments teaming with wildlife through our ever-growing medley of innovative biodiversity platforms.  From architects and planning consultants to kitchen companies and tradesmen, we are committed to partnering with skilled local experts who understand and match our own ethos for creating exquisite and sustainable legacy projects.

To get in touch please email: or call 03300 539510

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